Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey

Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey

Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey

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Since 1990  Apostle Deboraheld on to a GOD given vision of helping individuals understand and identify their purpose in life. Dr. Fowler started her career in Law but quickly found her niche when she was ordained for ministry in 1997. Taking her God given responsibility, very seriously, she started D.A.D.H.I.M in 2007.

my practice

My Path

From growing up in a very obscure family where living in poverty was a daily occurrence to being abused sexually, physically and emotionally to using drugs and being homeless, to withstanding  a torturous satanic relationship for 27 years, which led her to chronic depression and attempting suicide.  Apostle Deborah Fowler  was trapped in bondage, until she finally found God,  In 1990, Apostle Deborah Fowler  listened to God's calling and her entire life changed. From that moment and until her very last breath on Earth, she will remain God's servant and  work endlessly to help change the lives of his children.

My Purpose

Here at D.A.D.H.IM Apostle Deborah Fowler's mission is to bring deliverance, healing and restoration to the entire person. With a God given responsibility to work with all walks of life. Apostle Deborah Fowler was called by God to establish the Kingdom of God. Apostle Deborah Fowler was given the authority to carry out a direct mission: to gain 12% of the worlds population. The purpose of Apostle Deborah Fowler is to establish the Kingdom of God in greater Los Angeles, the United States and throughout the world  with a specific vision: Evangelize, Affirm, Disciple and Send. 

My Destiny

 Designed to enable individuals to achieve their God given potential, D.A.D.H.I.M provides services across the globe, enabling Gods word to prosper and flourish all communities.  Apostle Deborah Fowler founded Elijah Brooks Development & Consulting Firm dedicated to strengthening leaders & businesses. Elijah Brooks was created in 1997 which birth out D.A.D.H.I.M, To  Bridge of Hope Youth Outreach Center which is dedicated to nourishing the mind, body and souls of our future leaders. To The Brianna Rose Wholeness Institute Restoration Counseling Center which is dedicated to helping God's children trapped by pain and abuse, flourish, to the next dimension. 

Tithes and Offerings

 Giving our tithes consists in separating the ten percent of all our income or profits to give it to God, because they belong to Him. It was established in Genesis 14:20. An offering is what we give to God voluntarily, in addition to our tithes. When we bring offerings to God, He brings overabundance to our finances. 

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